May 9, 2010

Relax Missy is the ultimate fashion accessory for every trend-setting female.  For the designer followers and ultra-stylish females, comes a foldable ballet flat that will pamper your feet from blisters to bliss.  Stiletto Loving Missy's around the world will Crave these reinvented ballet flats.


Starting research and development in 2007, Relax Missy Foundress, Sotiria Krikelis, was determined to bring a product that would cause a frenzy for all the multi-tasking ladies who are constantly on the go.  "My most out-of-this-world stilettos are known as 15 minute shoes because this is how long I can stand in them!"  Sotiria says of her fabulous shoe obsession.  Inspired by her one night in Las Vegas in 2005 where she experienced her worst and final stiletto grief, Sotiria thought there had to be a better way, actually, there MUST be a better way, and after scouring the market for something that would satisfy her fashion need and comfort need, Sotiria was left unpleased.  So, in that vain, she found her niche and focused her desire on the most trendy and chic flat that could be worn everyday, but simply, folded for storage.


Upon graduating from Stony Brook University with a degree in Health Science/Nuclear Medicine, Sotiria put all her money towards Relax Missy and focused on the "fashionista frustrations" that plagued today's style conscious woman.  "Yes, I did Nuclear Medicine, but it sounds cooler than it actually is," says Sotiria.  Her new career path was something she was clueless in but spent hours upon hours researching entrepreneurship, and what she found was a new love.  A love of self employment that most people dream of.


As a 27 year old Soloprenette, Sotiria will share her entire entrepreneurial journey, blogging and video-blogging, because she is a one-woman show – and who doesn't love that?  The how-to's and dont's for every young entrepreneur inspired to take the leap from employed to self employed. "It's a not just comfortable fashion but Comfy Couture, that satisfies every need for a woman-on-the-go who shops at Bloomingdale's and H&M and Zara…and spends some extra money on those 15 minute shoes, aka $800 shoes," says Sotiria.

Unleash your inner Millionaress!